Good Stuff

Here are a few examples of things of creative thinking and ways to engage with an audience...

The power of history

I spotted this van a while ago and thought it was a great example of how a company can make the most of its history and heritage. Being able to highlight years of experience to potential customers is very powerful indeed.

And, apart from anything else, it’s a really eye-catching way to promote too of course.

Do you have a great story that you aren’t telling? Do your customers and potential customers know just how much experience you have and why they should chose you rather than the competition?

If not, then get in touch and we can talk about putting that right!

Ticking the boxes with plenty of interest

I saw this at an exhibition a few years ago and I really liked the way it engaged with the audience and provided visitors to the show an interactive experience.

Opinions are always going to be of interest and so a survey which is so visual ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to that all-important ingredient that every exhibition stand needs to have – the hook.

It looks impressive but, as a concept, it’s very simple. It provides a number of other advantages too – it could have been pre-promoted before the event and would provide plenty of material for post-show promotions too.

The time you have to attract someone onto an exhibition stand is very short indeed, just seconds. Anything that pulls a visitor off the aisle and onto your space and then gets them to take action has to be a really good thing.

If you are looking for some inspiration to attract the crowds to your next exhibition stand, give me a call.

Nothings new…but when it works, it works!

Here’s something that I was involved in a number of years ago when I was running a retailers network, Mobility Matters.

At the time, editorially led advertisements started to appear in the national press. Clearly, the companies that were using them to sell products ‘off the page’ were spending considerable amounts on the space costs. I was intrigued.

If a company is selling products off the page, then the one thing you know is that, if the advert keeps running, it’s working. Response rates and sales are monitored so closely that if an advert isn’t effective, it doesn’t run for long.

So, I decided to use the same techniques for our own campaign and there are a number of copywriting ‘tricks’ in the advert. We placed the first adverts and waited, but we didn’t have long to wait. Very quickly, our enquiry rates increased very significantly and, over a few years, produced thousands of leads for high-value products.

The lesson – keep an eye on what’s happening, not just in your own marketplace, but everywhere!

If you think that your adverts or promotions could have a stronger message, then let’s have a chat about it.